Khortni Kamyron

RecordAmmy Kickboxing: 5-2-1
Ammy Boxing: 2-0
GymsFusBoxe Sambo 1
Pound 4 Pound Fitness
Last Fightvs Nikki Cruz
Result: Lost by unanimous decision.

About Khortni

Khortni Kamyron is an American kickboxer fighting out of Denver, Colorado. Khortni trains at Fusboxe Sambo 1 in Westminster, Colorado, as well as at Pound 4 Pound Fitness in Englewood, Colorado. Khortni has been fighting since 2018. She has fought mostly in kickboxing fights, but also has competed in some Ammy boxing bouts.


Fighters: If you see any inaccurate information, or would just like to provide additional information to be included, please message me on social media!

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